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Youda Survivor

Posted by Content Omnivore Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I hate to start off a sentence with a negative thought, but this game sucks! Badly. From the loading page, you would think that this game might be like a cross up between Tradewinds and The Sims, but it's nothing of the sort! Youda Survivor, is nothing like either of them and don't even think of putting this sorry excuse for a game in the same category as the Virtual Villagers family.

So, what makes me so obviously biased about this game? Well for starters the game has no people on it until much later in the game! Next are the tasks, since you don't have any people to control, you have to do all the boring work yourself. First you start digging holes (where you see grass) until you reach water, then you wait for a seagull to come and drink some so you can collect its egg, which is currency by the way, once you've collected 3 eggs you go to the store, and use the eggs you collected to buy the key that unlocks the 2nd level, where you dig more holes, wait for more seagulls, and then collect more eggs!

I thought this game was a big waste of time, but then again this is my opinion and I didn't play past level 2 cause I was dieing from boredom. So feel free to play this game at your own risk, form your own opinion, and then come back to tis page & post here what you thought and tell me if this game isn't as lame as I said. I dare you to have fun paying it!

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Youda Survivor
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