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Spa Mania 2 vs Sally's Spa

Posted by Content Omnivore Thursday, September 30, 2010

Spa Mania 2

Let me just start off by saying, I downloaded this game by accident. I mistook this game, for Sally’s Spa. Of course as you can imagine, I wasn’t all that thrilled with this mistake. Despite that, I decided to make the best of it by and give this game a try anyway.  I must say, that I was surprised at how entertaining this game was. Originally I thought that it would be a total flop! But it turned to be no so bad.  I would recommend this game to anyone that’s likes Time Management games, specifically Sally’s Spa.

Now on to the details. After making it to the 2nd spa location on the game, I was intrigued, and a little overwhelmed at times, when mini games and spies were introduced. I could believe that my competing spas in the game would hire spies to steal things or sabotage me, but I never thought that the spies would be disguised as my Regular Customers! Yeah, the spies come into the spa and request treatment, just like any other  customer, but you don’t realize that they’re a spy until it’s almost too late. They try and steal out of the cash register, purposely trash the changing rooms (which eat up valuable time because real customers have to wait even longer for you to reorganize the changing room), and they try to steal your unique and most valuable items!

Spa Mania 2 Screen Shot
I won’t say that this game is better than Sally’s Spa, nor can I really make that assumption, because I only made it to the 3rd level of the 2nd spa location and I’ve gotten much further than that playing Sally’s Spa. Even so,  I would still recommend Spa Mania. As I said before, I was thought that I download the latest version of Sally’s Spa but instead I got this game instead. Spa Mania 2 definitely can compete with Sally’s Spa without breaking a sweat!

Mac users click here: Spa Mania or Sally's Spa

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