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Cake Mania: Lights, Camera, Action!

Posted by Content Omnivore Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Cake Mania:
Lights, Camera, Action!
This new edition to the Cake Mania game series, is great! I loved playing this game, it's like Cake Mania, Diner Dash 2, Cooking Dash, and Fashion Dash, all rolled into one! I didn't want the free trial to end. Originally, I downloaded the game so I could see if it would sink or swim in my opinion. I only intended to try the game, and now I want to buy it!

Cake Mania: Lights, Camera, Action, is nothing like the former Cake Mania games. I thought it might be just like the others when I first started playing, but I was wrong! In the game you start out in the usual Cake Mania way. When you get to level 3, your being offered a chance to switch to a whole different establishment, non-cake related. Once you get to level 3 there, you get a chance to go to another place! Is it food related? Maybe, maybe not. Like I said before, it's like playing Diner Dash 2, Cooking Dash, Fashion Dash, and Cake Mania, all in one but at a faster pace. It was so much fun playing this game, I would recommend it to anyone who likes fast pace, Time Management, games bar none! Don't count this game out, before you try it, it just might make YOU want to buy it. :D

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